Non-profit Relationship Building & Partnership, Fundraising, Conservation & Humanitarian Project Development

Sustainable Business Ventures (International), USGBC: LEED AP, Natural Sciences, Wildlife Management, Environmental Management System (EMS) Creation


Owner & International Consultant

Britt Hosmer Peterson, LEED AP grew up on the southern coast of Maine and started her work in South Africa in 2000 for a small, family owned and operated safari company. As Britt’s passion grew, her path in Africa took her from the tourism industry; wildlife capture, relocation, and monitoring assignments; nationally qualifying and registering as a certified Field Guide; working with communities on business development projects in rural areas; and as a consultant for various NGOs.

Britt holds a Bachelor’s of Technology Degree in Ecotourism Management (Natural Sciences and Business Management) from Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa.

From the TUT website (www.tut.ac.za) describing the Nature Conservation Department degree:

“The purpose of this qualification is to supply the nature conservation industry with competent managers and researchers. The qualified learner will also be competent to identify and develop entrepreneurial opportunities and to perform advanced management of natural resources and biological diversity.”

With a degree in Natural Sciences and Business Management, it allowed for the in depth study of these aspects on a scientific and technical level combined with ethical business practices, world economics, diverse marketing strategies, and a solid understanding of finance.

In business today, Britt uses these core fundamentals, out of the box creativity, and international experience in order to mutual benefit the unique resource or project, the local community, and all stakeholders.

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